We are very pleased to present our 15th gallery catalog. It is only a glimpse of our varied inventory of fine decorative arts made or used in america and only one place where you can view our collections. Since our last catalog we have re-vamped our website making it more user friendly, easily searchable and showing much more of our available inventory. We have also returned to show business doing many of the great americana fairs including Philadelphia, Delaware and e Winter antiques Show in New york. However, the best way to see our collection remains a visit to our gallery. We are one of the few remaining open galleries and hope you will have the opportunity to see our collection in person. all five floors are open and filled with antiques and fine arts of american interest. We look forward to giving you a personal tour. Photography: Richard Goodbody Design: The Hansen Company Advertising 24 East 84th Street • New York, NY 10028 212-628-7088 • www.levygalleries.com